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Dog Training

pug on a walk

Adventures in Dog Training is your choice for balanced dog training! At Adventures, we have a tailored fit approach which is tailored to fit you and your dog's individual training needs and lifestyle. We use a platform of positive reinforcement training while retaining healthy boundaries and structure using life rewards to enrich a relationship of trust between you and your pup. We keep a fluid approach to dog training, and believe that no two dogs are the same and our dog training methodology should never be the same. We work to find the winning combination of tools and techniques to fit your dog's individual needs, while establishing trust through love and exercise providing the necessary structure and boundaries for a healthy, happy home. 

At Adventures, we offer one hour private sessions, board and train programs and Zoom sessions. With our one hour private sessions, you will receive our in-person hands on approach in your neighborhood and at public parks to achieve your dog training goals. For our Zoom sessions, we provide video sessions answering all of your questions and concerns and provide a game plan on achieving your dog training goals by suggesting the proper tools and practices. 

Our board and train program is special in that your pup will live in a home environment with two dog trainers and two highly trained pups! Your dog will get 24/7 care and training while at our home. We start each day with an hour hike at one of Oakland or Berkeley's incredible parks, teach and reinforce all commands and necessary training needs, while providing a safe, loving and comforting environment to learn in. We provide weekly videos going over what we are working on throughout the week. In these videos, we show you what we’re working on, where we are going and training practices that you will be reinforcing once your pup is home.


At the end of the board and train program, we do a full handover session where we don’t just drop your dog off and leave. We take this time to go over the entire board and train program in person and have a full training session at drop off.  We then are here to offer phone support (unlimited) and/or Zoom sessions (2 included) post board and train to assist you with your training needs throughout your pup's. We also offer our private in-person one hour follow-up sessions at a discounted rate of $100/hour.

Private Sessions

  • 1 HOUR $125
  • 10 PACK 1 HOUR SESSIONS $1200

Board & Train

  • 2 WEEK $1,800 
  • 4 WEEK $3,600 
  • 6 WEEK $5,400 
  • 8 WEEK $7,200 

Zoom Sessions

$80/HR Zoom Session (Evenings & Weekends)     

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